Flooring in Lititz

Vinyl Floors LititzFloors and wood flooring are hard to differentiate and will be reasonably dishonest for the casual viewer. It is simply by examining or pressing closely if you will definitely find a way to discriminate between equally. These floors covering choices both have their very own advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless both are in bigger need and appreciate a healthier market share within their very own specific skills.

Vinyl Floors Lititz

Concrete-slab (below grade): Yes, but be careful. These are usually found in residential basements and you must be careful about moisture migration from the ground through the concrete. We recommend several ways to test this and steps you can take to control it. And, the concrete must be completely cured a minimum of 90 days. You must use a 6-mil vapor barrier and, of course, under-layment padding. Drains of any kind, French or otherwise, are clear indicators that this concrete floor is not acceptable for laminate installation.

LVT products : Yes. The surface must be flat and level (per our sub floor specifications) and the condition of the floor good. You must use padding. Some LVT products are floating systems or loose-lay” and are easy to remove (preferable). If the floor is glued down, be sure you remove all of the adhesive before installing laminate flooring.

Porcelain tile: Yes. The surface of the floor must be flat and level (per our sub floor specifications) and the condition of the floor good. The tiles themselves must be smooth. You must use padding. Check for cracked or loose tiles and grout — these could be signs of a poor floor condition caused by settling which could cause problems for your laminate floor, too.

Skirting: Skirting is a board used to cover the edges between the walls and the floor. It hides patchy edges of a floor. We keep High Skirting, Classic Skirting, Rustic Skirting, Standard Skirting, and Parquet Skirting varieties of skirting. If you’re not sure which variety to select, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll give you the best suggestions and make sure that you get the best out of your wooden flooring.

Door Bar: A door bar or “door security bar” prevents doors from breaking. It provides full breadth protection and can prevent accidental or forceful damages to doors. Door bars can be made of varied materials. Generally, steel, iron, or wood is used to make door bars.

Thanks to extremely tough and durable plastic layer, that flooring do not lose color in sunlight. Although wood engineered floors have unrecognized similarity to wooden flooring, you end-up paying half the money by installing laminate wood flooring than you would pay for real wood flooring.